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Empowering Military Spouses and Mothers to take control of their bookkeeping and grow their business by truly understanding their finances and cashflow.​

The Why

I believe that the reason why so many businesses fail in the first few years is because they cannot afford to pay a Bookkeeper to interpret their numbers and more importantly explain what the numbers mean!

I find this truly heart-breaking; business owners have invested so much love, time and energy into their business for it to crumble, because they can't afford to pay someone to tell them how it is doing financially. 

The What

As a business owner, irrelevant of your size or how long you have been in business, you need to be able to fully interpret your numbers. 

You shouldn't feel a pit of dread in your stomach every time you think about doing your bookkeeping and then inevitably avoid doing it. 

I want to put a stop to endlessly Googling 'how to do bookkeeping' without really getting a handle on it, wasting so much of your valuable time.  

Bookkeeping jargon should not be shrouded in so much mystery and instead should be explained in easy to understand language.

The How

I want your business to be built on a strong financial foundation. By giving you the skills, knowledge, tricks and tips to truly know your numbers. Equipping you with the confidence to plan for the future of your business. 

Understanding your cashflow is an essential to your business flourishing. Think of it this way, your body does not function without oxygen similarly your business does not function without cashflow. This is why I have created my FREE course, Cash & Confidence. 

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