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Unlock the secret to financial freedom & business success as a fearless female entrepreneur, where every pound is a step towards your dreams, not a source of stress. 

It's time to step into your power, where you can increase your profits, improve cashflow & create lasting memories for your family!

When I was starting out in business, I was daily seeing posts on Instagram from female entrepreneurs about their incredible sales months. 


But when I started to delve deeper, I noticed that yes they were having amazing sales months, but they weren’t paying themselves a penny. 


In fact they were working more hours to desperately try to pay themselves. 


Sacrificing their time and energy with their families, in the hope that they could finally take money out of their beloved business. 


And then, these businesses talking about their high sales months were starting to close their doors. 


This was heart-breaking to witness.

The world needs these wonderful women’s businesses.


But they had made the decision to protect their time and energy with their family, and so had made the devastating decision to close their business and take a ‘regular’ job. 


This was when an eternal fire lit in my belly.  


I couldn’t witness more amazing women closing the doors of their beloved businesses, because they just couldn’t afford to run it anymore!


And so I set about creating an online course to teach women how to take control of their finances with confidence and clarity. 

But I quickly realised that these women have tried everything!


They have spent hours Googling ‘how to make more money’. 


They have been on so many free and paid events, programmes and webinars. 


They didn’t need another programme teaching them how to do their finances. And actually another programme was only going to add to the overwhelm and frustration. 


Putting a small plaster over the leaking money hole in their bank account. 


They needed so much more than an online course. 


They needed someone coaching and supporting them, through their finances in a way that made total sense to them. 


They wanted someone they could turn to and ask the questions that felt ‘daft’ or ‘silly’ and they were worried about asking. 


And have someone walk them through how to make their business highly profitable, increasing their cash in their bank account, and paying themselves every month. 


Without compromising their time and energy. 


Because the truth is you can attend all the free and paid events and webinars, but you barely scratch the surface of what you truly need to know to confidently manage your finances. 


You won’t find me using overly complicated jargon (and if I have too then I will always explain it in a way that makes total sense to you).

You can put a line in the sand, and stop running your business like a very, very expensive hobby.

And instead start paying yourself healthy bundles of cash every month, while increasing your business profitability and improving the amount of money in your bank account (making sure to plug those leaking holes)! 


So that you can pay in full for the family holiday you have been dreaming of since you opened your business doors. 


And take every school holiday off from your business so that you can make everlasting joyous memories with your children. 


Working in 1-1 and Group Coaching retainers with amazing women in business, who are ready to increase their profit, improve their cash flow and finally pay themselves every month is an absolute joy. 


I have met these women exactly where they are, and supported them through the journey to gain financial confidence and clarity.

But don’t for a moment, think that I let these women slide through our time together, I lovingly push them to create the processes and systems in their finances, so that they have been able to make more money than ever before (without working more hours)! 

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